Falling Over And Over-Does Your Child Having Trouble With Movement And Coordination?

Your kid might tend to fall and roll over while walking, running or playing games. But some kids tend to fall more often. At home and at school, people may notice that such kids seem to have bad coordination, which may prompt them to fall over repeatedly and may result in movement issues.

What you need to know 

While drawing, running and kicking a ball are a few things that come to a 5 year old naturally, there is a condition called Dyspraxia that might affect their ability to do the simplest of tasks, such as speaking or even writing. If this is accompanied with other symptoms, you might want to take your child to a therapist who can help with skill development. 

Falling Over And Over-Does Your Child Having Trouble With Movement And Coordination?

Remember, movement issues can take a number of forms, such as difficulty in writing because of weakness in small muscle groups like fingers; or weakness in large muscle groups like legs might result in a weird walking gait. Similarly, poor-eye hand coordination can make simple things like buttoning a shirt difficult. So, notice simple signs that might accompany lack of coordination. For instance, it could be a child’s resistance to drawing and writing, excessive clumsiness, slurring of words, trouble with rhythm, inability to ride a bike, trouble with running, jumping, throwing and catching etc.

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