Fantasy Vs Reality? It's Time For Your Child To Distinguish

At this stage, the fine line between fantasy and reality becomes clearer to your child. Still, he might continue to believe in magical mysteries. After all, the child has been listening to fairy tales, super hero stories and monsters all this while.

What you need to know

“Mom, I know there are no ghosts but this curtain moving with the wind makes me feel scared of them!” Yes, very often your child may say things like this. This is precisely how a preschooler is able to tell truth from fantasy. You can alleviate his fears by drawing the curtains closer and fastening the windows tighter rather than simply asking to stay brave. Fantasy Vs Reality? It's Time For Your Child To Distinguish

What you need to do 

It is important to help them tell fact from fiction although all of us like to hide from the boring reality under utopian happily ever after lives. Remember the controversy of children injuring themselves in the hope that Indian superhero of 90’s Shaktimaan would come to their rescue? The producer was forced to telecast an episode where Shaktimaan addressed children saying he will not magically appear to rescue them all the time. 




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