Finger Painting, Playing With Crayons....Sit Back, Parent, He Will Do It All

At this stage your child will explore the world with lots of muscular movements and making overall use of their body. You might notice your child shaking his leg to the music beat or breaking into an improvised dance step. Now that’s definitely good news for you, your child has begun to develop fine motor skills.

What you need to know

You may now see him riding a bicycle in the garden by himself, don’t be surprised -- it’s his age to do so. Let him move freely around and encourage him in these initial days of learning such skills. Give him scope to indulge in safe and fruitful physical activity – take him to the park, enroll him in sports, let him help in household chores. Praise him at each step, and help and encourage him constantly.Finger  Painting, Playing  With  Crayons....Sit Back, Parent, He Will Do It All

Though you will have troubles with falls and bumps during this time, be patient, as this too shall pass. And what would make you happier than seeing your child developing with the finest of the motor skills!




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