Growing Up, Growing Conflicts- Your Child May Be Defiant To You

Growing Up, Growing Conflicts- Your Child May Be Defiant To You
Verbal language

Just like your child has a realization of independence at this stage, it is obvious he might get quite defiant towards others at this time. When your child hears your instructions but refuses to comply, and cries their heart out when made to obey, do not panic – they are still manageable.

What you need to know 

Avoid head-on conflicts with your child. Understand their pain and assert that you are on their side. Avoid calling them defiant or disobedient. Guide and rectify your child positively. Never label their character nor criticize them, as this never helps.

Divert and distract your child from getting into their usual defiant phases. Teaching them to control themselves is your goal. Give them choices and empower your child by appreciating their good behaviour. Leave them to calm down in a pre-determined place if necessary. Do not give them attention only when they are defiant. Also, do not insist on something unless it is really necessary. Before you pitch in ask yourself - why not? Let them have their way if it is just a minor issue and will make them happy.

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