Handling Anger

Handling Anger

Your kid is going to experience a lot of emotions in this period. One such is anger and frustration.

Why Kids Get Angry
Kids at this age show these emotions when they cannot understand what they want to do when things do not happen as they wish them to. They have not yet got self-control over their emotions. During these times, it is the best solution for the parents to be calm and not get angrier than your kid, however difficult it is. Your kid is in the middle of the angry – frustrated situation observing your body language and behaviour.

How To Deal With This
Never be physical – Indian parents tend to smack – because you are showing your kid what can be done when in anger which is not right. You can be stern, ask your kid to calm down themselves or take some time and then reason out with them when they are calm. But do not negotiate and give in to their demands. Make them understand why the things that they want are not possible. Also note that 7-8 year olds have the capacity to understand and accept logical reasoning and will come to understand your opinions eventually. Accepting that you are also angry but are going away to take a break and letting them know you can deal with the situation in a calmer mood shows them how anger can be managed.