Happily Ever After - Your Child Loves Storytelling

Happily Ever After - Your Child Loves Storytelling
Verbal language

You will be amazed at your child’s ability to recollect stories, even after a long gap. Stories play a pivotal role in shaping a child’s emotional development. Stories help in better understanding of concepts as a child will enable them to apply lessons learnt contextually. It is an effective tool to teach morality without sounding preachy.

What you need to know 

Your child will be able to correlate everyday scenarios with those heard in stories. Sometimes, the child might compare characters of a story to real life people. The child will be in a position to listen, clarify and retell stories. He or she can answer questions asked from them.

If you find your little one starting with one story but ending with another, well, be happy that he or she is able to identify similar grounds among various stories amidst differences. The child is capable of manipulating stories with their own characters and creating an entirely new story line, exclusively for the listener. If you ask for a repeat recital, you may not be fortunate enough to listen to the same story again!