He Is A Better Listener, More Receptive And Expressive Now

Multiple skills of your child are getting refined at this stage. He's developing listening skills now by listening to the teachers, elders reading out stories, speakers during debates or other activities held at school. Some kids this age also can have proper eye contact with the speaker which is essential for a good listener. Your kid is also a good receptor of following instructions and can follow complex directions without much repetition. Their receptive skills can be known by their expressive language skills.He Is A Better Listener, More Receptive And Expressive Now

What you need to know 

You can also see that your kid now can be more expressive and modify their words and sentences according to the listener’s ability to grasp as well as talk dramatically if need arises. They can understand reasoning well, as well as narrate things in the order of occurrence of any event.

The main development in language and speech you might find in your kid now is their ability to understand facial expressions and how it affects the expression of ideas. Hindrance in speech at this age is a matter of concern as this, if not corrected may lead to lack in social and educational fields for them.

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