How Push, Pull and Steer Wheeled Toys Hone Your Kiddo's Gross Motor Skills!

When your child is growing it is important for you as parent to check his physical development. There are a variety of sources, which can be used to teach your child about gross motor skills. Does your child have a wheeled toy? 

What you need to know:

Your little one needs to develop his fitness and as well as mental strength. A wheeled toy such as a toy car or a tricycle would help in this task. You need to teach your child how to ride the toy. Once your child has perfected this action you need to observe him while he rides it on his own. He would also learn how to steer the wheeled toy on his own in different directions. You can even take your child to the garden or playground where he can ride his wheeled toy. If the toy gets stuck then do not help your child but wait for him to push or pull it to take it out. 

How Push, Pull and Steer Wheeled Toys Hone Your Kiddo's Gross Motor Skills!




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