"I Can Do It!" Your Child's Self Confidence is Piquing Now

"I Can Do It!" Your Child's Self Confidence is Piquing Now
Emotional Development
Sensory ability

Your child at this stage has feelings as well as fear that may prompt them to cry or feel distressed. But now is the right time when you can cultivate their self-confidence and allow them to understand or use their feelings in an effective manner. It will help them develop psychologically. 

Does your 3 year old sob when you leave them at school? Or do they get angry when you tell them that they have to stay with a baby sitter for the night? All these things happen quite normally and thankfully, at this stage his self confidence is getting better.

What you need to know
You can nurture your child’s confidence every single day through regular interactions. By developing proper routines for your child, you can help them feel confident to do anything through the day. Similarly, you can give them opportunities to play and enjoy, which will boost their self-confidence and keep them fit.

What you need to do
As a parent, you can even help your child with new ways to solve problems, or you can give your child simple responsibilities such as keeping items on the table or picking up their toys. If you are concerned that your child may have difficulties in conducting a few tasks, you can help them with the things they are struggling with, such as unlace the shoes and then teach them how to tie or untie them.

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