Imaginary Friends Of Your Child- Should You Be Worried?

Imaginary Friends Of Your Child- Should You Be Worried?
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Cognitive Development

Your child's mind and understanding works in wonders! His perspectives are multidimensional. Now, let’s be brutally honest for once: How many of you were really alarmed and hassled when you saw your 5 year old talking and gesturing while eating, sleeping, playing or doing homework? Something like a ghostly conversation! Oh well, dear parent, this is nothing but an imaginary friend that your child has. Or shall we say, his new found love!

What you need to know
Making imaginary friends is normal, and every kid at some stage of his life develops a friendship that doesn't have any physical existence. Interestingly, such an imaginary friendship can happen at any age between one to nine years. Here, perhaps the all important question is why at all a child would be in need of an imaginary friend when he has so many around him. The answer is simple- why do you need a special or best friend when you have so many around you?

Imaginary friendship is your child’s way of expressing his imagination and fantasies. Child psychologists believe that kids who have imaginary friends have more imaginative minds than their peers, which is excellent. An imaginary friend at times brings out the best in your child in terms of confidence, thought process and communication. The reason again is simple and straightforward.

He is the ultimate hero here; he is not judged or rebuked but only loved and cared for. Imaginary friends come and go in months. It isn't a lifelong thing, and at the same time, it is also difficult to fathom why at all it happened and why it went away. But till that friend is resident in your child’s life, please accept it, respect and make peace. He is after all your child’s special friend!

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