Imagination Is Now A Major Part Of Your Child's Communication

Imagination Is Now A Major Part Of Your Child's Communication
Verbal language

Your child is now able to speak clearly and easily in the language that you use at home. Your 7 year old has already reached a major milestone as far as communication skills are concerned.  Children this age are able to express ideas and issues clearly. They are very eager to make the other person understand what they want to say and feel frustrated when not understood. With the right kind of nurturing, your child will have a lot of self-confidence and you would at times find it difficult to reason with your child.

What you need to know
Children this age are also able to recount events in a detailed and sequential manner. They are using complex sentences more frequently. They would also use dramatization in their voice to make the incident more interesting.

They are always looking for approval and appreciation and to this effect add imagination into reality, so much so that you might find it difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. This however should not be considered as lying. This is a common communication stage at this age where children look for excitement in everything and are willing to add on from their imagination to make it more interesting.

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