Imagine More, Create More And Become More Mature-About This Phase

This is a time period in your child’s life when transition into the school age coincides with a move from an egocentric way of thinking. You may be finding your child become more aggressive at times or doing things his own way. But hold on; do not think that your child is becoming selfish. It’s just that your child is becoming more mature, perceptive and imaginative at the same time.

What you need to know
On a positive note, you will notice the child having eagerness to learn more, gain self confidence and the ability to work. So why not support him in the same by helping your child in the development of necessary skills to understand the world around him.Imagine More, Create More And Become More Mature-About This Phase

Make your child articulate his feelings well by lending a caring ear to him. You will yourself notice that your child will effectively solve the problem through discussion only. No one would be more than happy than you as a parent, while viewing your child developing cognitively. So support the child in every possible manner by interacting with him as much as you can, apart from what he learns at school.

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