In A Group Setting Your Baby Now Is Able To Negotiate Simple Solutions To Problems

Your little one is now becoming increasingly independent both physically and socially. You will be happy to see your little one interacting with other people and playing with other kids.

What you need to know

As she stars playing with other kids, she will now begin to have real friends without understanding it's concept. She will share her toys, take turns while playing and also may copy what her friends are doing. Though she is able to control her emotions fairly well but at times she may have tantrums. Her independent nature is now evident when she starts to negotiate simple solutions while dealing with some problems. For example if she find that her friend is angry, upset or in need she will give a hug, a pat or may be even give her favorite toy to pacify her. Being unable to do on her own, she will seek adults help in resolving issues. (She will come to you and say that her friend has taken her doll).

In A Group Setting Your Baby Now Is Able To Negotiate Simple Solutions To Problems

Each child reaches the milestone, some sooner some later. Don’t worry if your child is not socially active. Give her proper encouragement and support to overcome the hurdle.




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