It Is Important To Focus On The Correct Pencil Grip From The Start

It Is Important To Focus On The Correct Pencil Grip From The Start

At this stage, with your child's enhanced fine motor skills, he is ready to try quite a few new things. Fine motor skills are generally more difficult to master than the gross motor skills and many small children struggle for a long time to master a small skill. As parents your patience is much required at this time. Continuous encouragement and praises are what will take your child to the path of success. You must start with making your child familiar with having the right grip on his pencil.

What you need to know
Most 2+ year old children start holding the pencil and start making circular scribbles and lines. Most children are drawn to the pencil or crayon due to their curiosity and start holding it the way they feel comfortable. As parents you may feel that as long as the child is holding the pencil and keeping themselves occupied it is good enough. You may feel that enforcing the correct way to hold can come in later but the fact is that it is right time to start focussing on the correct grip.

Good grip is important for good handwriting
Children this age generally use all their fingers to hold the pencil while the correct grip is by using only the thumb and forefinger. This grip is important to get complete control on the pencil for beautiful handwriting. As this is also the habit forming stage, once a grip is learnt it will be difficult to unlearn it in later years. If the grip is corrected at the initial stages then it will be so much easier to work on getting good handwriting.




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