It's Time for Some Discipline After School Routine

It's Time for Some Discipline After School Routine
Self Regulation

At this stage, your child is ready to have the after school discipline inculcated in his mind. Your child needs to fit the evening timings with homework, extracurricular activities , afterschool playdates and family time from the time they are back from school till they go to sleep.The challenge now for you is to manage all this in the limited time available and ensure that your child sleeps on time and gets the adequate 10-12 hours of sleep.

What you need to know

Getting homework done first should be the priority. Make your child understand that once studies is done, they will have time for play and other activities.Enroll your child in the activity keeping in mind the interest .This will help your child adapt to the routine quickly as he would look forward to doing them. Here care should be taken not to overload the child with activities. Ideal will be one per day. However busy the day is, family time is important where during dinner time, your child can share his day to day experiences. Listen to your child and give him all the attention.

After dinner, set up a bedtime ritual. You can read to your child. To inculcate early the reading habit in your child, all the members in the family can sit together and read. Sticking to routines, following a structure will help your child to handle bigger challenges with their routines as they grow older.