It's Time For Talking And Chit-Chat With Your Child

By this time your child is very much aware of the sounds that make up words. You will often see your child recognizing the same sound words easily. For example they may play rhyming games and recite words that sound the same, for example, rat, cat, bat, etc. But it is also vital that this sound is used in different words or alphabets. This is where you need to guide and teach your children about the same.

What you can do
You can help your child in various ways. Make him read newspapers, short pieces and stories, which will not only improve his speech and language, but also the vocabulary. Practise speaking with him – ask him about his day, make him tell you a story in his own way. Play interesting word games with him. These will help your child in future also in all regards.It's Time For Talking And Chit-Chat With Your Child

So let your child explore the world of words and polish his speech and language development skills. But ensure that you are not dominating the child during learning, rather get him to do so in a fun manner. The positive results will soon be in front of you in the form of more improvised speech and language.




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