It's Time For Your Child To Gel Well With Others

It's Time For Your Child To Gel Well With Others

Your child has started his school phase where he is acquiring knowledge about different things. This is also a social platform for him as he is interacting with people of his age. He is slowly becoming aware of the heterogeneity of the society and hence, needs to slowly start developing the habit of gelling well with others.

What you need to know 
It is your responsibility as a mother to work on your kid’s behaviour so that he can gel perfectly with other children in school. A kind person is loved by all. Instil in your kid the lesson of kindness that would earn him a decent tag among other kids. Teach him to help others who are in need.

What you can do
You can start this practice at home. Ask the child to pick up an empty bottle from the floor and keep it on the table. Let him help you during your dishwashing session to arrange the utensils properly. Treat the child with a candy or his favourite toy so that it motivates him to adapt this behaviour. Sharing is another activity which must be taught to the child. Ask the kid to share his lunch with his friends. Kindness is the key element for building an ideal person. Teaching this at an early age is very important.

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