It's Time For Your Child To Unearth His Passion

It's Time For Your Child To Unearth His Passion

Your child is curious about his environment. He is excited to discover and learn new things. Providing opportunities will help him discover his underlying interests which can develop into a passion and translate into a career in the years to come.

What you need to know

Observing and listening play an important role in finding out where your child's interest lies. For instance, if he is showing a liking to watch shows on History or Geography channels ask him, "What do you like about them"? If he likes to draw and spend time with crayons and other art supplies, ask him what is special about drawing? Through observation and asking questions, you can get an understanding of what interests your child.

What you need to do

Provide experiences like visits to museums, planetarium, historic monuments, storytelling sessions, art gallery, book fairs, field trips etc. This way your child gets an opportunity to experience the world through all his senses, thus awakening his curiosity and creativity. Once back from a visit encourage him to maintain a journal wherein he can write about the topics that interested him or keep a portfolio of photographs. Let him document what he has seen and let him revisit those pages.

It’s a challenge to find out what your child is passionate about. But once his interest is discovered, it will amaze and delight him, and can translate into his goal in life.

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