It's Time Your Little Cub Learns Some Discipline

It's Time Your Little Cub Learns Some Discipline
Verbal language

Since your little one's mental reception of things is improving, he is likely to vent out more often than usual.

So, your child was angry and they decide to pull off their clothes in front of the guests. Or they just decided to throw things on you because you didn’t give them their favorite cereal. When your partner asked them to get ready for school, they laughed and refused to get up. Well, parenting can be tough, especially when your child is 3-4 years old. But it is high time that you start disciplining your little one and teach them the habit of routine. To discipline them, there are a few things you can try.

What you need to know
First, you should speak slowly and make eye contact. Sometimes, you may have to repeat the instructions. But no matter what, always be consistent. So, if the toys are picked up right after playing, make sure that they are picked up, instead of letting them pick it up before bed.

Similarly, pick your battles- you don’t want to fight with your child on simple things like what they wear (unless it’s not weather appropriate) or what choice do they want for breakfast. Use time-outs whenever need to discipline the child instead of shouting or rebuking them. Find a school that matches your type of parenting.