Kiddo is Likely to Have Shorter Attention Span

Kiddo is Likely to Have Shorter Attention Span
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Now that your child is attending school for a longer time and is back home with home work, it becomes challenging for him as well as the parent, to make him sit for a longer time. He is likely to have shorter attention span at this stage.

What you need to know
Switching focus from one item to another during play is fine, but a short attention span can lead to major learning issues when he starts school. Too much of TV watching, feeling tired and hungry, boredom are a few reasons which limit the child from having a longer attention span.

It is usually observed that when your child enjoys doing an activity, the attention span undoubtedly stretches for a longer time. He is clear about the goal even before he starts the activity. Hence he looks forward to accomplish the task even if it takes longer time. Yoga can help expand your child’s attention span. The practice of meditation involves focusing on an image or his own breathing which effectively exercises the focusing part of your brain. Also yoga helps your child relax, allowing him to sleep better and not feel tired.