Learning Advanced Fine Motor Skills

Learning Advanced Fine Motor Skills
Fine Motor
Shape recognition

Your child has now learnt the basic lessons on using his senses to carry out different tasks. He has grown from the age when you were his support.
The age of 5 is the time when the kid enters school and needs to learn advanced fine motor skills. You as a mother have to work on his abilities such as drawing and sketching through observations. This would indeed help him when he would start his academic education. You can teach your child how to draw a human face. It might be a tricky task but proceed slowly and patiently.

What you need to do
The first step should be to draw the outline of the face. Demonstrate it to the kid. Let him try it even if he makes mistakes. The next step requires the child to draw the features such as eyes, nose, ears and mouth. One by one make the kid learn the exact shape of each of them. You can also hold the child’s hand so that he can curve and twist the pencil or crayon to draw perfectly.

Practice is the key to this task. Motivate the kid when he goes wrong.

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