Logical Thinking Capability

Logical Thinking Capability

7-8 years is a phase where the child is less egocentric. Though they show spontaneous hold of logical concepts in some areas, they still lack in concentrating on some other areas.

Importance of Logical Thinking
Their judgement is dominated by their sensitiveness. They start to grow into a capable problem solving individual from this age. Their logical thought develops and they get more organized as they move into the 8th year. They gain the ability to make multiple sorting activities and can order objects in a logical sequence. Logical thinking is an essential skill the kid needs to be learning and enhancing in this age and learning it this early helps for a strong foundation for their future studies and other environments.

How To Encourage This
You can improve their logical thinking by asking them to provide multiple solutions or answers for one situation or question OR if they are not able to do so themselves then showing them how that is possible. Games in which they try to sort out based on more than one attribute, asking them how they arrived at the sequences or solutions – verbal explanation etc. This is the age when you can introduce them to journals or personal dairies to record their thoughts. They can also be encouraged to express themselves in pictures/symbols.




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