Meet And Greet: That Is What Your Child is to Learn Now

Your little one is slowly approaching the age where they will encounter the outside world quite categorically. As a mother, you need to prepare them well so that they are familiar with the basic human etiquettes. This will help the child to become a well behaved person in future.

What you need to know

Remember that you cannot force a kid to learn such gestures and habits, in fact, a patient and planned method has to be developed for imparting such knowledge to the child. Teach them how to greet people when they meet. Start with the simple hand-shake and keep a smile on your face. Demonstrate this to the pre-schooler so that they observe and learn. The next step is the verbal greeting. Teach them the word ‘Hello’ by continuously practicing it. This will take time for the child to understand and execute but you have to be patient and supportive.Meet And Greet: That Is What Your Child is to Learn Now

Demonstrate these greeting gestures at home when you meet other family members so that it becomes easy for the kid to learn. It will be very helpful for your little one when they enter school and socialise with other children.

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