Milestone Alert! The Joy Of Riding A Bicycle!

Milestone Alert! The Joy Of Riding A Bicycle!
Muscle Strength

It’s a milestone- you learnt it, your parents learnt and even their parents did! So, watching your child sit on a bicycle and ride it without your support can be a source of much happiness. It’s not just a sign of mobile independence, it is even a sign of growing gross motor skills of your child. But how do you teach your child to ride a bike?

What you can do
Well, you can start with the traditional method of sticks, where you run alongside and control the steering. Once you feel that the child is confident, let go of the steering and hold the child’s shoulder. This way you will be watching them while giving more control.

You can even use scoot or training wheels, which are small stabilizers attached to the bike. It ensures that kids are safe even if you cannot follow them. Also, when you teach your child to ride a bike, make sure that you choose a kid’s bike, have a fitting helmet and teach them at some place where there’s no traffic and the child can ride safely.

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