More Adaptive To New Routines

More Adaptive To New Routines
2y to 3y

If you have been practicing a daily routine, you would have noticed that your little darling is more adaptive to the routine. Now whenever you add something new in the day of your child, you will notice that she is more adaptive to that change. Rather than being cranky she might even welcome it at times as it gives her a new opportunity to explore something new. If your child is healthy and not hungry then there are chances that even a haircut will not baffle her and you will be spared of a tantrum session.

What you need to know

The world of most 2 year olds is changing fast and on a daily basis as they are learning new things constantly. This can easily overwhelm little ones and it is better to give them a sense of constancy by adapting a fixed daily routine. A predictable routine will help your child as it leaves them worry free to explore the world around and learn new things.

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