More Reading, More Listening, More Expressing- Whoa! Your Child is Growing up!

At this stage, your child is doing a list of things that validate the fact that he is fast growing. When a child creates with blocks, when they communicate with paint, when they use their body freely as a means of expression, that’s where your child is being taught literacy.

What you need to know
Literacy is communication in all forms; listening, speaking, signing, reading, writing etc. Literacy is continually evolving, beginning at birth, through interactions with others and the environment in which a child lives. While the sequence of literacy development follows the same general pattern, individual rates of growth may vary. So you need not be worried if your child's a little slow, he will come around eventually.

Growing literacy in your child
A child’s very early experiences set the stage for the development of literacy. Learning to read and write is critical to a child’s success in school and later in life. It is the foundation for almost all areas of a child’s development. Reading and writing are interrelated and develop concurrently. Your child may generalize: an apple is a ball; all four-legged animals are dogs. You will see them imitating and mimicking nursery rhymes, together with an increase in communication, conversation, and interest in languages, increased vocabulary and so on. Teaching the alphabet means different things to different people.More Reading, More Listening, More Expressing- Whoa! Your Child is Growing up!

It is not the same as alphabet knowledge. Teaching the alphabet includes more than helping children learn to distinguish the letters and name them. It also includes helping children know how alphabet letters function in the written language.

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