Multilingualism Matters- Your Child Is Ready

Multilingualism Matters- Your Child Is Ready
Verbal language

Currently, this is the right stage to introduce your kid to new languages. Research has proven that a 4-5 year old’s brain is receptive to learning newer languages faster than an adult. The benefits of being multilingual include better understanding, improved creativity and excellent social skills. 

What you need to know

If the parents have different mother tongues but had introduced only one to the child, it’s high time to start with the other language. Each parent can stick to one language and strictly follow the same routine in communication. Initial hesitation followed by a slow growing interest can be seen in your child. Apart from the mother tongue and medium of instruction in school, languages spoken by friends, maids, and media will be picked up by the child rapidly.

Although the kid would not be in a position to understand those languages word by word, he or she will derive their meanings and will register frequently used terms.