New Milestone Alert! Truckload Of Physical Prowess

New Milestone Alert! Truckload Of Physical Prowess
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, your child is entering into a new stage or a milestone in their development. By now they would have well-established hand-eye coordination. They might try their hand at cursive writing and you can see precision and balance improving in their drawings and handwriting. They like to explore things at this age and show interests in various activities, taking advantage of their physical awareness.

What you need to know
Your child at this age will get involved in physically challenging activities like swimming, skating, dance or music, acting, etc. They will also show interest in solving complex puzzles. Agility and improved balance make 7-8 year olds consider cycling as their favourite pastime, racing with friends and peers.

Sharing, exchanging and comparing with peers can be observed in their activities. With all this, they can drive themselves towards exhaustion, so the parents need to know their child’s physical limits and stop them when appropriate. Due to their increased physical activities, they are bound to be accident-prone, hence keep the first aid box handy. You can also see that their immunity level has increased and they fall ill less frequently.

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