New Sights, Sounds, Activities- Your Child's Problem Solving Skills Are Budding

New Sights, Sounds, Activities- Your Child's Problem Solving Skills Are Budding

With your child's growing understanding of things, he's now able to exercise his problemm solving skills better. Problem solving skills refer to how a child perceives, thinks, and gains understanding of their world. This includes retention, problem solving, and decision-making.

What you need to know 

From birth, babies begin to actively learn by exploring their everyday world through experiences. Providing new sights, sounds, activities and opportunities for your child to explore their environment is vital to development. This development includes situations where your child will engage in imaginative play with common household objects, names objects and points to many objects in one picture, etc. Your child’s mind works sharply at this age and they will try to solve their small problems on their own. Encourage their enthusiasm at the first instance of their independent problem solving.




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