Now Is The Time To Increase Your Child's Tolerance

Now Is The Time To Increase Your Child's Tolerance
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Your child has crossed 2 years of their life and at this point it is quite necessary for them to learn some important moral values. The art of tolerance when learnt at an early stage can prove beneficial for the future.

What you need to know
What do you do if your child expresses anger in front of family and people? To curb such an emotion, you as a parent must understand the child’s behaviour and their reason for discomfort. They can restrict this anger by removing the offending circumstance. Lessons on patience are another important factor. You can introduce your child to games that require patience.

For example: balancing toys are the best way to make the child learn how to be calm. The parents must maintain a pleasant environment at home because the child is prone to picking up negative expressions such as aggression and talking loudly. Read out stories that hold a moral lesson. This is a great way to inculcate positive traits in your child.

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