Now Your Kid Confidently Speaks Out Her Opinion

At this stage, your kid is growing and he can now, speak properly. He is confident and speaks whatever he sees around him. He is basically influenced by the environment around him. However, the more he learns the more is he confident in his approach.

What you need to know:

Interact naturally with your kiddo. Try to know what is he expecting you to know. There should be a two way communication from the very first day. Be slow in speaking and at the same time treat him as a grown up individual. Gentle corrections should always be made. Give him themes to think and talk. Talk about real and meaningful things. Relax and be patient, do not test him. Do not unnecessarily discourage him, this will make him confident. Listen to him and respect his early attempts of thoughts. He will sense that his early attempts of thoughts are welcomed to your ears so in near future, you will be his favorite confidant for years and years to come. 

Now Your Kid Confidently Speaks Out Her Opinion




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