Observing Skills Perking High- Your Little Genius Can Do A Lot Now!

Your pre-schooler has now developed a mind that is open to observation and learning. This is the ideal time to channelize their motor skills. Start with activities that test their creativity and mental abilities combined with their senses.

What you need to know

Since your child is more observing than being distracted all the time like before, he's fit to sit for longer durations and observe what you do, or what anyone around them does. This is an amazing time since you can use this development to enhance another area of development, that is his motor skills.Observing Skills Perking High- Your Little Genius Can Do A Lot Now!

Try inculcating in him the sight of some activities that involve fine/gross motors, and this in turn will benefit him through his observing skills since he will watch you and get inspired to do the activity by himself.

Try starting with basics, to enhance your kiddo's observational as well as motor skills. You can totally kick start with paper folding.




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