Off to School, Kiddo! Yes, Your Little One is Growing Too Fast!

Whoa! That's a super-sonic paced growth pattern, isn't it? Do you feel your little one has suddenly grown up from a toddler to a preschooler and looks cute in that neatly tucked-in uniform? Doubtless, yes, they are growing up faster than you think. Off to School, Kiddo! Yes, Your Little One is Growing Too Fast!

What you need to know

Your child may not throw tantrums before going to school like he or she did in play school. However, initial discomfort in an unknown environment may cause silent tears and lame excuses. As a parent, tell the child to discuss everything that happens outside home and promise to help whenever required.

The child, having never been accustomed to rules and codes of discipline, will find them confusing and boring in the beginning. Regular conversations with mom and dad coupled with a trained teacher’s guidance will help alleviate fears. Don’t be surprised if your little one feels like bunking school once in a while. It’s the monotonous routine that they wish to break.

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