Peer Pressure Can Now Change Your Child's Likes & Dislikes

Peer Pressure Can Now Change Your Child's Likes & Dislikes
Social Development

You would now notice that your little darling likes to wear a certain kind of clothes, tie her hair a certain way and even insists that you do not refer to her by her pet name in front of her friends. She knows the kind of toys that are in trend and want the same. She has become choosy and you often wonder from where she is getting all this information. This is something that her friends are helping her with by putting peer pressure on her.

What you need to know

Peer pressure is not a phenomenon that is limited to teen and pre-teen years only but it actually starts off in early kindergarten itself. When your little angel comes home and says that she no longer wants to carry her Barbie bag to school because her friends say that only babies get Barbie bags, it is peer pressure. It might be difficult to explain to your child at this point that peer pressure is not good and you might be forced to give in at times to avoid the inevitable tantrum. You should still try to make the effort of introducing the concept of peer pressure and how it is not acceptable to tease someone or put someone down for the things they are carrying or the clothes they wear.

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