Prepare Your Child To Do School Routines At Home!

Prepare Your Child To Do School Routines At Home!

School routines can be extremely nerve wracking. So, it is important that your child is made to practice little daily routine at home so that he doesn't find it difficult to adjust to the daily routine and gets easily accustomed.

What you need to know:

Sometimes your kid would not like to wear the same kind of dress – uniform – to school. In such case explain the significance of wearing the uniform. You can also make him wear it a few times at home so he gets used to it. Let him have snacks on his own without spilling, scattering and finishing on time. Practice it at home for at least one meal, to have on it on his own. Help your child to learn how to take care of his things like the stationary items, his books and lunch bags, water bottles etc. Some school insists that all these are to be labeled. If so, involve your child so that he can identify his things at school. Inform your child that there would be separate toilets for boys and girls and how to use it and check themselves for decency before leaving the toilets. Set up a routine for him. These not only will make your child organized and develop discipline at a young age.