Problem Solving In Action- What Your Child Does!

So, your little child collected all their art work and tried displaying them on the table. But the table wasn’t large enough for all their art-work, so they selected the ones they thought were the best.

First Attempts at Problem Solving

While this might seem something way too simple, it is actually your 3 year old’s attempt at problem solving. In fact, when they use glue for the first time to paste those leaves on a sheet of paper, they learn an important aspect of problem solving! Your child, as little as 3-4 years solves problems. Their solution is usually imaginative and focused. So, they may press the phone back button too many times to get to the home-screen or open a game. At the same time, they may feel frustrated as well. For instance, not being able to pull up a zipper might be frustrating because they don’t know how to solve it.

Teaching Strategies

This is where you as a parent come into the picture. Using different strategies, you can teach your child problem solving. For instance, you can be a model. If you see your child struggling with a zipper, wear a jacket and act as if the zipper is stuck. Then, use different motions to open it. Your child will copy that and solve the problem!Problem Solving In Action- What Your Child Does!

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