Punishment An Effective Way Of Disciplining Your Child - Yes Or No!

Punishment An Effective Way Of Disciplining Your Child - Yes Or No!

Your kid is in a phase where he wants to try out different things not knowing which is wrong which is right. Sometimes he may come up with something that is completely unacceptable. While hitting and yelling is a big No, giving punishments is a way to make them understand. But, is punishment the right way to disciplining your child? This is something that needs attention and focus.

What you need to know:

According to experts, punishment should be the last resort you must take up with your child. Talk to your child and make him understand about the things he is doing. Giving punishment can make your child more aggressive and stubborn in many ways. He may start abusing and get irritated. After a point, punishment becomes redundant and loses its value. Your child may no longer value the punishment if it becomes too common an affair. Never use punishment as a revenge to his deed. Eg. Pulling his toys if he has snatched your book. Repeated punishment can also take your child away from you. So, ensure that what you do and what kind of punishment you give, you have your mind and heart at place. 

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