Quick Hacks to Boost Your Child's Memory

Children tend to develop their memory power and their brain development takes place at childhood. Most of the brain functions and connections grow up at this stage. With proper memory boost up activities and brain teasers their memory can be boosted in an amazing way.

Memory and attention span go hand in hand as they are very important for learning and growth of the mind. There are many handy ways through which we can tackle the mind of our children and boost their memory power as well.

Quick Hacks to Boost Your Child's Memory

Let’s take a look at some of the useful tips:

1. Play memory games

This is certainly the most useful activity to enhance your kid’s memory power as it will tickle and tease the child’s brain in a playful way. Ask relative questions that are interesting and creative. Ask him about the name of all his friends, about the routine in the school that is followed everyday, when you pass by a parking lot ask him about the colors of the flowers and so on.

This will keep your child’s curiosity alive and he will indulge more and more in concentrating on the things that he will enjoy recalling when you ask him while playing.

2. Make a routine

Your child should be able to remember the routine that he follows at home and ask him about the same on a daily basis. Once he awakes up in the morning, sit with him in a place and ask him that what he will do next, after he finishes up his glass of milk or after he has his bath.

3. Give him complex instructions

When your child is done with one task easily, give him another task that involves even more complex instructions. For example, you can tell him to switch off the light of the room and close the door of the bathroom at the same time. This will give him two tasks in one go and look how easily he accomplishes the same. Don’t forget to reward him if he is super quick in doing them with ease.

4. Let your child teach you

If you are telling your child a story or you are teaching him something new then you are required to teach him first so that he will focus and listen attentively. After you are done telling him the same, then ask him to recall the story or any skill that you have explained. This will make him learn better by recalling those things again.

5. Let your child read a lot

Even if you wish to tell your child something related to a regular routine, you need to make a sticky note for that so that your child can read the same and remember it for long. Develop a habit of reading in your child. Visualization and reading go hand in hand as when a child reads and visualizes it at the same time.

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