Reading For Your Child Now Is More Pleasing Than Hardwork

Reading For Your Child Now Is More Pleasing Than Hardwork
7y to 8y

Your bundle of joy now embarks on the journey of independent reading. Till now, with your intervention, your child was getting an understanding of what he is reading. Now with better comprehension skills and phonic awareness, your child puts in more efforts into the reading process.

What you need to know

With understanding of basic punctuation, your child can now use it to read with the right emphasis and expression. In the beginning, you can help your child by reading aloud to him putting the focus on the different punctuation marks. Once he gets familiar, encourage him to read on his own.

What you can do

On the comprehension front, your child now builds summarizing skills and is also able to find answers to questions. Once he has read the story, ask him to summarize it in a few sentences. While reading the story, ask him questions like "What could happen next?" or "how do you think the story will conclude?” The phonic awareness can be applied by him to sound out new words. This way he not only improves his comprehension skills but is also actively engaged in reading.

In this way, your child monitors his own reading. It’s now more of pleasure rather than hard work and he gets the gift of a lifetime.

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