Ready For A Firm Handshake- The First Step Towards A Confident Communication

Your child at this stage has started reflecting traces of confidence in their demeanor and acts. As an adult you might have heard this many times – that a firm handshake is an important gesture in initiating any effective communication. But, most of the time we ignore this when the child is young and expect the young man to adopt instantaneously when he grows to an adult. Seldom do we realize the fact that if this is inculcated at an early age like 5, it will eventually be a huge advantage for the kid when he is older. A firm handshake is a sign of confidence and integrity, and there is nothing wrong in introducing these values now.

What you need to know

Teach your child why it is important to have a firm grip when greeting someone. Tell him that it shows how confident he is and also his interest in the other person. It is always better to show him in action, and make him practice in a subtle way how to do it.Ready For A Firm Handshake- The First Step Towards A Confident Communication

These little values and gestures that are taught at an early age do wonders when your child grows up. The early you start the more it gets embedded in his core values and ultimately becomes a habit. A firm handshake is just another way of taking the first and firm step towards a firm and positive communication. Start early, introduce them to such ideas early and the results will be commendable.




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