Ready For Some Cultivated Skills Through Sensory Play

At this stage, your child's senses are getting fully engaged. Hence, they are quite ready for sensorial learning. Telling your child that they aren’t behaving well might not yield any result. But do a role play with them, ask them to be a mom and scold you like a child. Lo and behold! They will instantly learn how to correct a wrong behavior.

What you need to know

Children and even adults learn best when their senses are fully engaged. So, a kid will remember that song you sung at the campfire, because they remember the scenes and the smell from their memory. Or they will know how you knead the dough for an apple pie because they saw you doing so. That’s why it is recommended that parents indulge in developing or cultivating skills through sensory play.

Developing cognitive skills

The most obvious skills that can be sharpened through sensory play are the cognitive skills. So, reading the letters, hearing the numerals will help them learn. Similarly, watching you use different expressions and words will help their linguistic capacities. Imitation will help them learn social and emotional behavior, while other sensory experiences, such as playing outdoor games or using different materials to create something will help in development of physical and creative skills.Ready For Some Cultivated Skills Through Sensory Play

So, use and indulge your child’s senses to the fullest!




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