Ready For Some Play Dates To Improve Social Skills

As your child spends more time outside the home, she encounters many social experiences with her peers. It may happen that your child is shy in making new friends. Here play dates can provide a starting point for a social life. A little preparation from your side can increase the chances that your child will have a good time. Ready For Some Play Dates To Improve Social Skills

What you need to know

Keep play dates small. You can invite one or two children who are known to her and with whom she enjoys spending time. Her teacher can also help you to get in touch with her friend's parents.

Another way can be to keep the play dates for a short time, may be one or two hours, wherein they interact and know to get each other. In that case, planning ahead to get the most of the play time will be of great help. You can choose games and activities which she is familiar with and enjoys doing. Allow her to choose the activity. Ensure that there is adequate stuff for all the children so that sharing does not have to start right away.

Benefits of play dates

It may happen that your child will need your presence. Be there for her in case any conflicts happen or they stop playing or need a change of activity. However avoid filling in for your child. Help her to start off without taking control.

The main goal to have play dates is to help your child in more such social experiences. Being shy is her personality. Rather than changing her personality, provide opportunities which will help her to find happiness through relationships with peers.




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