Ready to Infer Word Meanings Through Context

As your child reaches this stage, you can experiment on several language skills with your child. One of the things you can start with is making your child infer the meaning of a word through the context.
Till now, you have been giving the meaning of every word that your child was asking about. It’s time to twist the tale a little. You can ask your kid to understand the word with respect to the context it is spoken about. (For example: Mina, if you keep your books jumbled like this, they may fall. So, keep them properly.) In this sentence the only word that your child is unlikely to understand is ‘jumbled’. You may ask him what this word means in the context in which it has been said.

What you need to do 
Help your child if he gets confused. Encourage him to try again and again till he gets it right. Once he gets the meaning, give him a synonym so that he understands it without any doubt. Keep repeating this on and off in a rather fun way. Interestingly, many times kids learn new things in the most fun and bizarre ways.Ready to Infer Word Meanings Through Context

This is a fun activity that will help your kid learn a new word and the meaning without being actually told. Such experiments are great from the point of view of self learning too. So, start experimenting and build up your child’s language skills thoroughly.

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