Ready To Learn About Actions Which Are Strictly "No-No's"

Your preschooler could be facing new challenges in life, as he enters school. He has to learn about emotions in a better way and has to improve his interactive skills.

What you need to know

During this phase the child might lose track of discipline. You need to make sure he doesn’t take to changes that might hamper his behaviour. Whining and throwing tantrums are some common behaviour traits the kid might learn. You have to set clear rules about actions and ways which are totally a no-no!

He is also prone to lose their temper on small issues right now. If he has physically roughed up any other student in school then you have to keep him under strict supervision. Parents need to be effective enough to curb the child’s behaviour. Your words should be enough to correct his ways. You can restrict his play-time and not let him out of the house. A disrespectful tone with elders and children of his age is also another major issue that needs to be kept in this list of No’s.

Ready To Learn About Actions Which Are Strictly




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