Ready to Learn Some Basic Self Hygiene

Ready to Learn Some Basic Self Hygiene

Your child has now reached that age where he has to manage his hygiene on his own. There are different habits which the kid has to learn in order to lead a healthy life. You as a mother need to train the kid so that he stays clean and hygienic.

What you need to know
One needs to clean his mouth for fresh breath. Brushing the teeth is one activity which the kids are taught at an early age but parents forget to teach the importance of cleaning the tongue. The tongue also needs regular treatment for a fresh mouth.

What you can do
Demonstrate it to the kid by showing him how to use a tongue-cleaner. Teach him the exact way to hold it and move it over the tongue. It would take some time for the little one to perfect this habit but be patient with your kid and motivate him at every step. You can also teach him how to gargle after this procedure using water.




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