Ready To Process Multiple Instructions

Ready To Process Multiple Instructions
Verbal language

Congratulations! Your child can now undertake multiple instructions at once. Till now simple one line instructions were predominantly used for conversing with your child. But, now as your kid enters his 6th year, it is time that you slowly introduce multiple instructions to him.

What you need to know
Initially, it might pose a lot of difficulty as your child is used to only single instructions. But, with practice the child will learn to follow multiple instructions and also will complete the task with complete dexterity. However, as a parent it is important to know how to go about this. A barrage of multiple instructions is going to do no good to him.

So, go slow and start with just two set of instructions at time and then move up the ladder slowly. (For example: Ravi, can you please pick up the coffee mug from the table and spoons from the floor and keep them in the kitchen?) This sentence has multiple instructions but is rather easy for a five year old to follow.

Importance of multi tasking
Multi tasking is important to develop good language skills. A child who is able to understand multiple sentences at the same time, definitely has a good command over the language. However, don't ever make the mistake of making a task difficult for the child. The moment he finds it difficult to do, he will invariably run away from it. Don't rush and understand how well the child is taking to your instructions.

Every child takes different time to learn things. So, give him time and he will eventually align himself well with multi instructional tasks.

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