Ready To Take Risks To Boost Confidence

Your kid has now started his academic schooling. He has grown from a little infant to a sensible soul who can now feel and understand emotions. The age group 5-6 is the time when you need to teach your kid to take his decisions without anybody’s guidance. The confidence to perform an activity comes when the kid takes the risk to perform it. You as a mother have to motivate the kid so that he can take risks to learn new things in life. This can start off with activities in the playground. 

What you can do
You can ask the kid to make a jump from a platform at a small height. Assure the kid that you are there to catch him if he falls. The next step can be to ask the child to serve water to the guests. The little one might shy away or totally refuse to do this activity.Ready To Take Risks To Boost Confidence

Talk to the child and tell him that you trust in him. There are similar tasks which can be offered to the kid that can work to instill a fine level of confidence in him.




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