Ready To Understand The Concept Of Jokes And Riddles

Your child has grown old enough to understand words and conversations. He has entered that age where he can fully interact with you. This is the time when you as a mother need to polish his language so that he can understand complicated phrases such as jokes and riddles.

What you need to know 
You can start off this practice with small jokes which the kid can understand. For example- ant and elephant jokes are the most common ones. Make this joke session expressive and interactive by laughing after telling the joke. Even if the child doesn’t understand the whole joke it would make him get the feel of it. You can them make him understand the meaning of the words so that he can understand.

Ready To Understand The Concept Of Jokes And Riddles

Riddles are also a good way to enhance the kid’s language abilities. Ask the kid simple riddles. Colour and shape riddles are the easiest. For example- ‘Which shape has no end?’. If the kid guesses it to be a circle then he is a smart child! Practice such riddles every day for improving your little one’s brain and language.




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