Refining Skills & Being Independent

Refining Skills & Being Independent

By now, 7-8 year olds have well-developed motor skills and are in the process of acquiring stability in their body movements. Their fine motor skills get refined at this age. They can hold a pencil easily and make use of their fingers to write and draw rather than move the whole arm or the wrist. You can also see that their handwriting is better than the last 2 years with lean letters and properly placed words. They will now attempt to cut irregular shapes and also glue neatly. They can also copy complex shapes.

Help in Fine-tuning Motor Skills

So this is the time parents can take a step back and guide them in their school project instead of doing it for them from scratch. Your child might show more interest in crafts as they have more confidence in maneuvering their hands and fingers for folding, cutting, pasting etc. Keep note of this and encourage them to go for craft classes if time permits. As their motor skills have fine-tuned, they can take care of their own dressing independently including buttoning up, zip-up, putting on a shirt or T-shirt with much more ease and also tying shoe laces without assistance.




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