Rolling Over, Up And Down ? Ready To Nurture - Gross Motor Skills

Have you recently seeing your child transforming in a unique manner, rolling here and there, jumping up and down? Well there’s no need to wonder what has happened because nothing worrying is going on. Rather this is the time you must be happy that your child is now all set to grow up and develop fully.

What you need to know 
They will not sit even for a while now; you will get tired running behind them to look out for their safety. But relax, this is their time to move around, so let them do so. If you will restrict them they may feel restless or confined. Just be around them but let them be free so that they can experience all kinds of movement and enjoy this period.Rolling Over, Up And Down ? Ready To Nurture - Gross Motor Skills

It is your duty to provide him with unconditional support and encouragement to sharpen and build the gross motor skills. Also you can yourself indulge in these activities as it will not only help your child have company and support, but make you fit as well.

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